During the lecture period at the university we meet every fortnight for a theme evening - in the other weeks we have fellowship groups.

Start: 7 pm

Meeting place: in the rooms of the Olga-Gemeinde, Olgastraße 96, 70180 Stuttgart

We start our evenings at 7 pm with a common dinner, to which you are cordially invited.

Afterwards there will be either an exciting lecture by an invited speaker or an activity. You can find more information about each evening on our semester flyer, on social media or right here below:

We would be happy if you just drop by.



24th May 2022 - "The potential of friendship" - Franziska Klein

Throughout our lives, our friendships change. The past year has also put our relationships to the test - who are our friends and what makes them tick? Together with Franzi Klein we want to look at what God thinks about this topic and what are the next steps in our friendships.

20th-21st June 2022 - "The Mark Drama" - SMD Stuttgart

5th July 2022 - "I Robot, isn't an AI also just a human being? Transhumanism, AI and the Christian Image of Humankind." - Dr. Alexander Fink

Is AI the greatest opportunity or the greatest danger for the existence of mankind? Will humans be replaced by complex programmed machines that begin to think for themselves, as trans- and posthumanists predict? Can AI be used to ethically program self-driving cars, for example? And what can we learn from AI about the value and meaning of our own lives?

Dr. Alexander Fink, biophysicist and director of the Institute for Faith and Science (www.iguw.de) believes AI can give us a whole new perspective on our identity. After the lecture, there will be time for questions and discussion.


Past Events:

12th April 2022 - "Coming home, looking for and finding home" - Markus Dumberger

Most of us are university students, and the time during university is often characterized by the tension between having moved out and not having quite left yet. No matter how you resolve this conflict for yourself: We all carry the longing for a home within us.
Together we want to think about what it takes to arrive in a new city; how we can create a place of home within ourselves and why God wants to be a home for us.

19th April 2022 - "Believe in Somethingism" - Peter Payne

You may have wondered about the word "Somethingism". There exists no such word in the English language. If you want to know what it means and why it makes sense to believe in something, welcome speaker Peter Payne from California. We are very happy to welcome our guest from the USA!

The lecture will only be held in English. 

10th May 2022 - "Is faith wishful thinking?" - Joel Rosenfelder

We live in a universe governed by rational laws - laws that we can discover and understand with the help of the natural sciences. Can there be space for a God in such a universe? Is a belief in God reasonable? Or is it just a wishful construction? We are pleased that Joel will explore these questions together with us.